Why EFP?


 Here at Elite Performance, each client is analyzed through a series of everyday movements that identify, for the trainer, what patterns of imbalance and asymmetry are present for each individual. Our team of elite level functional trainers determine what movements will help to overcome our discrepancies and improve our functionality, inevitably leading to a higher quality of life moving forward.   


Throughout the course of our lifetime, we each accumulate and experience our own aches, pains and suffering due to the normal wear and tear, trauma and injuries that life throws at us. As a result of these injuries, pain, etc. we develop various unique compensation patterns and restrictions to our functional mobility. 


Our concepts are founded in cutting edge exercise science. We use our decades of knowledge and experience to guide each participants progress. The most important aspect of our fitness longevity system is the implementation of the laws of common sense, which are commonly abandoned in modern day exercise. The end result is an individualized program that enhances every client's longevity.  

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